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This Appendix provides further details on the analysis and research undertaken for the Phase One Report of the National Commission of Audit (the Commission). It includes consideration of issues relevant to the Commission’s terms of reference, as well as input from submissions to the Commission from government, industry, community organisations and individuals.

The Appendix begins by reiterating the principles that have guided the Commission’s deliberations and then provides further information on the role of government in Australia.

The Appendix then follows the same order as the Phase One Report.

Volume 1 of the Appendix covers:

  • the role of government;
  • what governments do in Australia today;
  • overviews of Commonwealth Government Portfolios;
  • how the government provides and funds its services;
  • an approach to government and new fiscal rule;
  • fiscal and economic assumptions used by the Commission;
  • reforming the Federation; and
  • managing expenditure growth.

Volume 2 of the Appendix covers:

  • rationalising and streamlining programmes;
  • rationalising and streamlining agencies and boards; and
  • bringing about better government through markets and technology.

These volumes highlight the evidence-based approach of the Commission and provide a foundation to the findings and recommendations contained in the Phase One Report.

Volume 3 of the Appendix covers matters considered in the Phase Two Report of the National Commission of Audit.