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9 - Managing expenditure growth

Over 70 per cent of the total growth in Commonwealth expenditure over the next 10 years is accounted for by the following 15 large, fast growing areas of spending:

  • The Age Pension.
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme.
  • Medicare Benefits Schedule.
  • Hospitals.
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
  • Family Tax Benefit.
  • Child Care and Paid Parental Leave.
  • Schools.
  • Defence.
  • Aged Care and Population Ageing.
  • Income Support for Carers.
  • Job Seeker Income Support.
  • Disability Support Pension.
  • Higher Education.
  • Official Development Assistance.

The Commission has identified a range of reforms in these areas to restrain expenditure growth and improve the effectiveness of government. In doing so, the Commission has applied its Principles of Good Government, including respecting personal responsibility and recognising the need to protect the truly disadvantaged.